hydroxypropyl methylcellulose hpmc for construction


Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in construction applications

1. Dry Mortars: improve the dispersibility of cement-sand, greatly improve the plasticity and water retention of mortar, have an effect on preventing cracks, and can enhance the strength of cement.
2. Tile Adhesive: improve the plasticity, water retention, and anti-sagging of the pressed tile mortar, improve the adhesive force of the tile, and prevent chalking.
3. Wall Putty: mainly plays the role of water retention, thickening and easy construction. HPMC can thicken to suspend, keep the solution uniform and up and down, and resist sagging. HPMC makes the putty powder dry slower and assists the gray calcium to react under the action of water. HPMC has a lubricating effect and can make the putty powder have good workability.
4. Gypsum coagulation slurry: improve water retention and processability, and improve adhesion to the substrate.
5. Joint cement: It is added to joint cement for gypsum board to improve fluidity and water retention.
6. Latex putty: improve the fluidity and water retention of putty based on resin latex.
7. Stucco: As a paste that replaces natural materials, it can improve water retention and improve adhesion to the substrate.
8. Paint: As a plasticizer for latex paint, it has an effect on improving the handling performance and fluidity of paint and putty powder.
9. Spray coating: It has a good effect on preventing cement or latex spraying only material filler from sinking and improving fluidity and spray pattern.
10. Cement and gypsum secondary products: Used as an extrusion molding binder for hydraulic materials such as cement-asbestos series to improve fluidity and obtain uniform molded products.
11. Fiber wall: Because of its anti-enzyme and anti-bacterial effect, it is effective as a binder for sand walls.
12. Others: It can be used as a bubble-retaining agent for thin mortar, mortar, and muddy workers.

Main Specification
Methoxy, wt%28.0-30.027.0-30.016.5-20.019.0-24.0
Gel temp,58-6462-6870-7570-90
Ash, wt%≤5 %≤5 %≤5 %≤5 %
Moisture: wt%5%max5%max5%max5%max
PH Value(2 wt% solution)4-84-84-84-8
Arsenic: ppm2max2max2max2max
Heavy metal: ppm20max20max20max20max
Bulk density370-400g/l370-400g/l370-420g/l370-420g/l


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