HPMC for Self-Leveling


Self-leveling compounds are chemical mixtures used to smooth uneven concrete or wood floors. They consist of cement, sand, fillers and are modified with a range of additives such as cellulose ethers, plasticizers, defoamers, stabilizers and redispersible powders. As a flowable, self-leveling and self-smoothing material, self-leveling compounds can produce flat, smooth and hard surfaces with excellent compressive strength.

Our cellulose ethers are used in self-leveling compounds to enhance their processing and final product properties. We also offer custom formulations to meet your specific industrial needs.

The addition of cellulose ethers can enhance the following properties in self-leveling compound applications:

• Increase Thickening and Adhesion: hpmc cellulose has good thickening effect and can improve the consistency and bond strength of self-leveling compounds. Appropriate amount of addition makes it have better adhesion.
• Extended set time: Reduce skinning and maintain high water retention with hpmc cellulose ethers and RDP, ensuring better quality over longer field work times. Appropriate hpmc addition rate ensures longer setting time.
• Improve workability and water retention: hpmc cellulose ether and RDP have better leveling and reduced viscosity, can be easily applied to self-leveling compounds, are easy to handle and apply, and can significantly improve construction efficiency.
• Improve hydrophobicity: After adding HPMC and RDP, the hydrophobicity of self-leveling adhesive is improved, and the waterproof effect is significantly improved.


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