HPMC for Plasters And Renders


Plaster and Render is applying mortar to the surface of walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. It protects the base, extends the service life, and makes the buildings more beautiful.

The main materials of plasters are cement, sand and lime gypsum. Additives like HPMC, MHEC, improve the workability and performance. They enhance its adhesion and cohesion, sag resistance, workability. PP fibers reduce the cracks on the surface.

HPMC cellulose ether provide the following features for plaster and render:

•  Improve adhesion: cellulose ether has good water retention, and helps the cement have full hydration. RDP has great stickiness. They are both to enhance the adhesion of the cement.
•  Good workability: cellulose ether has excellent thickening and water retention. It can not only extend the open time, but also makes the materials smooth and easy to apply.
•  Improve pumpability: Cellulose ether’s good thickening and water retention, help the material flow well in the pipe. It reduces blocks during machine spraying.
•  Improve abrasion resistance: Enough hydration reaction and good adhesion of RDP make the material stronger.


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