hpmc for construction plaster

Cellulose Ethers For Plaster Based Construction Materials

Gypsum has been used in the construction industry for a long time because of its versatility and broad applicability. It is non-toxic, fire-resistant, non-flammable, and user friendly, enabling users to create beautiful finishes. Gypsum also has excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Gypsum products’ most common uses in the construction industry include manual or machine applied plasters, trowelable compounds, and joint filers, and adhesives.

The use of related additives can significantly improve the performance of gypsum products. Our cellulose ether HPMC products are specially formulated additives that can enhance the performance and processing features of the gypsum products in the following ways:


•  Wall Plaster
•  Plaster Hand Plasters
•  Plaster Machine Plasters
•  Plaster Joint Fillers
•  Plaster Adhesives
•  Plaster Based Ground Mortar


•  Enhanced water retention and extended working time
•  Optimized product consistency and rheology
•  Improved adhesion
•  Improved sag resistance and cracking resistance
•  High water retention
•  Good spreadability
•  Improved pumpability
•  Improved joint strength and flexibility
•  Improved adhesion and sliding resistance


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