Cellulose Ethers for Tile Adhesive

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Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is used in tile adhesives (HPMC). This product has been specially developed for cementitious applications such as high quality cement tile adhesives and is essential for successful formulation.

• Tile Adhesive
• Tile Grout
• Tile Fixing Compound
• Cement adhesive for ceramic tiles
• Cement applications such as high quality cement tile adhesives
• Recipe for gluing the components of the insulation system from the outside
advantage :
• Improved sag resistance
• Improved workability
• Improved adhesion
• Improved heat and freeze thaw resistance
• Improve water retention
• Fast dissolution and without components
• Compatible with all common mineral and organic binders
• Improve performances
• Excellent sag resistance
• Easy to apply non-stick knife

Cementitious Tile Adhesive (CAT) is used for setting tiles on floors or walls in residential and commercial buildings.
Selection of raw materials, key performance criteria and regulations for testing adhesives may vary from country to country, depending on local construction techniques, regional needs and building traditions.
On request, adhesives for cement tiles are respectively classified C1 with a minimum of 0.5 N/mm² or C2 with a minimum adhesion of 1.0 N/mm².
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ether for tile adhesive High performance and excellent working efficiency
Used as a thickener and water retention agent in tile adhesives. Two types of additives control the properties, rheology and application properties of the fresh mortar, as well as the ultimate strength of the tile adhesive and grout, respectively.
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ethers for tile adhesives provide high performance and excellent working efficiency for bonding tile to a variety of substrates. Slip resistance and improved open time are key to improving adhesion requirements.

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