Cellulose ethers for liquid detergents

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Liquid Detergents / Personal Hygiene / Thickener / Specialized Cellulose


Formulating liquid detergents with cellulose can present unique challenges.These products must be fast-acting, and effective at cutting through grease and grime, and must be safe to use on a multitude of surfaces.
Quality ingredients are paramount, and we recognize that sustainability and cost are important considerations.
Beyond Thickening and Stability

Liquid detergent cellulose is widely used as a thickener, rheology modifier, emulsifier and dispersant in industrial cleaning and industrial cleaning products due to its pseudoplastic and thinning properties, which not only improves the thickening effect of the product, but also provides better stability of the product. solution.

A highly substituted Liquid Detergent Cellulose (HPMC) thickener that is an excellent rheology modifier, binder, film former and water retention agent. Produces 4,000 cP viscosity at low addition levels. providing luxurious foam for a variety of cleaning products


•  Liquid Detergent
•  hand soap
•  Powder Detergent
•  alcohol hand sanitizer gel
•  Liquid Dishwashing Detergent
•  Thickening cleaning agent
•  Bactericidal Hand Gel


•  No GMO*
•  Allows foam stability
•  lewd sensation
•  Effective in cold processing
•  Allows clear formulations
•  Wide pH range compatibility
•  salt tolerant
•  electrolyte tolerant
•  thickening effect
•  Improved rheology property

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