Cellulose Ethers For ETICS/EIFS


The EIFS Base Coat is a cement mortar used to coat the exterior of the insulating layer in the EIFS system. It is an adhesive material covered with a reinforcing mesh to enhance the strength of EIFS and provide a leveling coating for the base coat and topcoat.

EIFS Adhesives usually come in the form of dry mix, consisting of cement and modifying agents/additives (e.g., HPMC HEMC, RDP). Adhesives are wetted with water before use and are generally designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Cellulose ether application;

•  EIFS Adhesives

•  EIFS Based Coats

The benefits of using cellulose ethers;

•  Improve coating performance with excellent early strength

•  Enhanced water retention and extended working time

•  Exhibit high strength, strong adhesion, and alkali resistance

•  Improved adhesive strength and flexibility

•  Improved hydrophobicity

• Improves abrasion resistance and strength

• Improves workability

• Improves flexural strength

• Excellent impact resistance


Optimized product consistency and rheology


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