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What are HPMC viscosity grades?

HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose) is a commonly used polymer in various industries such as construction, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The viscosity of HPMC depends on its molecular weight, degree of substitution and concentration.

HPMC viscosity grades are classified according to their viscosity in 2% aqueous solution at 20°C. Viscosity grades are designated by numbers, some commonly used HPMC viscosity grades and their corresponding

Viscosity range: NDJ viscometer detection

Architectural grade HPMC
HPMC for PVC: 20-50cP
HPMC for self-leveling: 400 cP
HPMC for plaster: 20000-40000 cP
HPMC for wall putty: 60000-80000 cP
HPMC for joint compound: 100000 cP
HPMC for tile adhesive: 180000-200000 cP

Cosmetic grade HPMC
HPMC instant for detergent: S100000-S200000 cP

Pharmaceutical grade HPMC
HPMC E5: 4-7cP
HPMC E15: 13-21 cP
HPMC E50: 45-55 cP
HPMC K4M: 3,000-5,000 cP
HPMC K15M: 13,000-23,000 cP
HPMC K100M: 90,000-140,000 cP

It is worth noting that different manufacturers may have their own proprietary names for HPMC viscosity grades, but the above names are common in the industry. In addition, the viscosity of HPMC can also be adjusted by mixing different grades together in different proportions.

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