Tile adhesive pull-out strength test

Tile adhesive pull-out strength test

Classic case of tile adhesive:
• 42.5 Cement: 300KG
• 325 mesh heavy calcium powder: 50KG
• 1.18-0.075 mm sand: 350KG (mud content up to standard)
• 0.6-0.075 mm sand: 300KG (mud content is 3%-4%, not up to standard)
• Redispersible latex powder: 20KG
HPMC: 2KG (Viscosity selection)
• pp fiber 6 mm: 1KG (dry fiber)
• Calcium formate: 8KG (The role of calcium formate
• Starch ether: 0.5

Tile adhesive pull-out strength test;

Three pieces of vitrified ceramic tiles were pasted on the experimental wall, and the tile glue was used for 28-day pull-out strength, and it was placed indoors normally. The data: 1.4Mpa, 1.5Mpa, 2.0Mpa.
The date of tile sticking is early November, and the date of drawing is early December. (Beijing area)
Drawing interface: The damaged layer is all in the mortar.
Disadvantages: Although the drawing data is better, the compactness inside the mortar can be improved.
Advantages: Directly apply 40*80cm vitrified ceramic tiles (all-ceramic floor tiles and cut), and immediately fix on the wall. Anti-slip effect is very good

Suggestion: sand is very critical, simple gradation is better, and the estimated data will look better if standard sand is used.

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