HPMC for Wall Putty/ Skim Coat

The Heart of the Wall Putty Recipe

I have accumulated experience in China for many years, I hope to help everyone
1. The core of the water-resistant wall putty on the inner wall is actually nothing too profound, but it is worth mentioning that the putty on the base of the concrete wall is the so-called basement wall putty/roof wall putty. Be sure to pay attention to the gray calcium. More, subject to non-powder removal, add a small amount of polyvinyl alcohol, or 2-5% white cement, which can effectively increase the leveling of the lining, and mainly reduce the foaming problem of the cast-in-place roof.
2. The core of the exterior wall putty: white cement and HPMC are of good quality and cannot be reduced. As the cost is unacceptable, the amount of RDP added can be reduced

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