Possible reasons for tile or stone hollowing or falling off?

  1. Improper choice of adhesive. For vitrified tiles or stone with low water absorption, high-performance adhesives should be used.
  2. The rigidity of the base surface cannot meet the installation requirements of ceramic tiles and stones, and there is deformation. This problem is prone to occur if the lightweight partition wall is deformed.
  3.  The back of the tile or stone is not cleaned, and there is dust or release agent and other substances that affect the adhesion.
  4. Large tiles or stones are not back-coated, or the back-coating does not meet the requirements, and the surface material and the adhesive do not form an effective bond.
  5. The amount of adhesive is not enough to form a full patch.
  6.  The tile or stone has not been pressed into the adhesive after the tile or stone has been installed so that an effective bond has not been formed.
  7. For the base surface that is prone to vibration, if the tile or stone is tapped too hard with a rubber hammer after laying, it may
    Causes adjacent tiles already installed to vibrate, causing loosening.
  8.  The base surface is not well leveled, the thickness of the adhesive layer is uneven, and the shrinkage caused by the drying process of the adhesive is uneven
    Larger, resulting in local hollowing.
  9.  If the thickness of the adhesive is too large, the shrinkage caused by the drying process will be large, which will easily cause hollowing.
  10. The tile is not placed in place in time after the adhesive has combed the streaks. The open time of the adhesive has passed, which is easy to cause
    Hollowing and shedding.
  11.  The adhesive is not stirred evenly or not according to the regulations, which will cause the performance of the adhesive to be unstable and easily lead to weak adhesion.
    Eventually cause hollowing or fall off.
  12. Protection measures are not taken when the ambient temperature is too high or too low, or the material temperature is too high or too low, and the construction is barely carried out.
  13.  Expansion joints are not set according to regulations, and tiles or stones fall off due to internal stress.
  14. Lay tiles or stones directly on the expansion joints of the base surface, and the tiles or stones will fall off due to the expansion and contraction of the base surface structure.
  15. The finished surface is not effectively protected during the maintenance period. When the tiles receive pressure, impact and external vibration during the maintenance period, it is easy to cause hollowing or falling off in the later period

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