hpmc for masonryrendering mortar

hpmc for masonry/rendering mortar

Ordinary mortar mainly refers to masonry mortar and plastering mortar used in masonry and plastering projects. Masonry mortar is used for masonry and component installation of bricks, stones, blocks, etc.; plastering mortar is used for walls, Plastering on the surface of the ground, roof and beam-column structure to meet protection and decoration requirements.

Properties of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) in masonry/rendering mortar:
• The water retention performance of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose can reduce the water absorbed by the porous substrate and promote better hydration of the cementitious material. In large-area construction, it can greatly reduce the probability of early mortar drying and cracking and improve the bond strength. ;

• The thickening ability of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose can improve the wetting ability of wet mortar to the base surface;

HPMC can improve the stability of wet mortar, and can reduce or avoid delamination and bleeding;

• HPMC can improve the lubricity and rheology of mortar, reduce resistance, thereby increasing pumpability and reducing labor intensity;

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose can improve the sag resistance of mortar, and when applying thick mortar, it can reduce construction time and reduce waste.

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