How to detect hpmc ash

HPMC ash detection method:

1. Put 2.0g of hpmc sample in a crucible that has been burned to constant weight, and weigh it accurately.

2. Test: Put the crucible on the electric furnace and burn it slowly, pay attention to avoid burning, until it is completely carbonized, and there is no smoke (heat the hpmc that is easy to foam, and prevent it from overflowing the crucible), let it cool to room temperature, at 700-800°C Ignite in a muffle furnace to make it completely ash, transfer it to a desiccator, let it cool to room temperature, weigh it accurately, and calculate it according to the weight of the ash.

3. Measurement results and reports Calculate the percentage content of ash according to the following formula


  •                                  Residue and crucible weight – empty crucible weight
  • Ash content = ——————————————————————————————————×100%
  •                                                              HPMC weight

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