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How to buy hpmc (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) in China

1. First of all, you need to understand the HPMC market in China. Of course, if you understand the quality of HPMC, the quality is the best. 60%-80% of HPMC in China is produced by Hebei people. Due to environmental protection reasons in the past few years, many HPMC factories in Hebei have moved to other provinces, but they are also produced by Hebei people.
2. Find the right supplier; who is the factory and who is the trader. Generally, they are traders, and factories will not directly cooperate with you. It is a trader who takes you to visit the factory. China’s hpmc market is very chaotic, don’t keep lowering the price of hpmc, it will also lower the quality of HPMC, unless you know the quality of hpmc very well.
3. You must buy pure hpmc, which seems to be more expensive, but the amount added is very low. It is actually cheap. Of course, there are also compounded HPMCs to improve product quality. However, most compounded HPMC is to reduce costs and increase profits.
4. After comparing many suppliers, why is the price of hpmc very messy, and the quotations of each supplier are different? Because the content of HPMC is not the same as the so-called purity. The HPMC market in China is very chaotic. It can be said that you can make HPMC with as much money as you want. There is no bottom line, only lower.
5. How to easily distinguish the quality of HPMC is good or bad, it can be burned with fire.https://deesya.com/hello-world ←Click on the link to view the quality inspection method
6. The reason why the price of hpmc in our local market is still lower than the price of hpmc in China is very simple. . . .

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