What to pay attention to when pasting large-scale vitrified tiles

How to avoid hollowing for tile adhesive

Indoor construction, how does tile adhesive prevent wall and floor tiles from being hollowed out due to construction?
1) Choose the right tile adhesive;
2) Appropriate treatment of the back of the tile and the surface of the foundation;
3) The tile adhesive is fully stirred and matured to prevent dry powder;
4) According to the opening time and construction speed of the tile adhesive, adjust the scraping area of the tile adhesive;
5) Use the combination method to paste to reduce the phenomenon of insufficient bonding surface;
6) Proper maintenance to reduce early vibration.
Answer two:
1) Before laying tiles, first ensure that the leveling and plastering layer is flat and the vertical is ≤ 4mm/2m;
2) For tiles of different sizes, select toothed trowels with appropriate specifications;
3) Large-sized tiles need to be coated with tile adhesive on the back of the tiles;
4) After the tiles are laid, use a rubber hammer to hammer them and adjust the flatness.

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