Grout formula

Grout formula

Grout is a material used to fill voids and defects in concrete structures and is often used to strengthen and repair concrete structures. The formula of grouting material varies according to the application. The following is the formula of general grouting material:

  1. Cement: The main component of grout is cement, which is used to provide strength and rigidity. Generally, ordinary Portland cement or rapid hardening cement is used.
  2. Sand: Sand is the filler used in grouts to fill voids in concrete structures. Choose natural quartz sand or artificial quartz sand with good particle shape, uniform particle size and high cleanliness.
  3. Water: Water is an essential part of grout and is used to mix cement and sand. The quality of water should meet the relevant national standards.
  4. Admixtures: According to specific needs, some admixtures can be added, such as water reducing agent, thickener, waterproofing agent, etc., to improve the performance of the grouting material.

The following are the general grout formula ratios:

Recipe Details:
42.5 Cement: 35%
Sulfur-aluminum cement: 5%
UEA efficient expansion agent: 5.6%
Micro silica fume: 3.5%
8~16 sand: 30%
30~16 sand: 15%
30~60 sand: 5%
Defoamer: 0.05%
Anhydrite: 1.5%
Water reducer: 0.7%

Instructions for use:

Add water: 14~15%
Fluidity, mm 305
After fluidity 30min, mm 270
Anti-stress 1 day: 38.59
Anti-stress 7 days: 67.60
Anti-stress 28 days: 83.75
Anti-breaking 1 day: 5.65
Anti-breakage for 7 days: 12.20

Raw material description:

The water reducer is a high-concentration and high-efficiency naphthalene-based water-reducer. There is no problem with the use of naphthalene-based water reducers for grouting materials. The cost is low and the strength is high. Because the water-reducing rate of polycarboxylate water-reducers is too high, it is easy to cause delamination. Naphthalene will not have this problem
The defoamer is P803
To adapt to the local market in China, we can adjust the formula for you at any time according to the market at that time, and you can contact us at any time.

After adding the admixture, the ratio will change, and the specific ratio should be adjusted according to actual needs. When preparing the grouting material, it should be mixed strictly according to the formula ratio to ensure that the performance of the grouting material meets the requirements.

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