HPMC for detergent

dish soap formula

Here’s the English version of the high-viscosity detergent formula for summer (percentages):

  • Sulfonic acid (96%): 3.5%
  • AES (70%): 7.5%
  • V680 polymer surfactant (30%): 2.0%
  • Sodium hydroxide (30% solution): 2.0% (for adjusting the pH to around 7)
  • Fragrance, preservative, disodium: as needed
  • Deionized water: 82%
  • Sodium chloride: 2.5%

This formula is suitable for summer use and has high viscosity, excellent cleaning power, foaming ability, and stability. At 30°C, the viscosity can reach around 4000 and it does not separate. If used in winter, the formula can be adjusted by reducing the amount of V680 and salt. V680 is a polymer surfactant that can improve the cleaning performance of sulfonic acid and AES, and has good foaming and stability properties.

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