Cellulose Ethers for Ceramic Tile Adhesive

What is tile adhesive

Tile adhesive is a new type of material for modern decoration. It has replaced cement mortar in many places and has become a new bonding material. It can effectively paste large tiles and stones, avoiding the risk of hollowing out bricks. Tile adhesive has good flexibility, high bonding strength, waterproof, water resistance, frost resistance, aging resistance, and convenient construction, and the tiles do not need to be soaked in water in advance, so it is an ideal paste material.
Tile adhesive is a new generation of environmentally friendly tile tiling material, a viscose powder that combines organic and inorganic materials prepared from fine aggregate and special admixtures. Tile glue only needs to be added with clean water in proportion, and it can be used after stirring with an electric mixer. The tiles are firm and easy to operate.

So what is the tile adhesive composed of? The composition of tile adhesive mainly includes cement base, aggregate and other additives. Cement base is actually equivalent to cement, but cement has different strength grades and categories. Choosing different strengths and types of cement has a direct impact on the performance of tile adhesives, and tile adhesives use cement with special fixed specifications.

Another component in tile adhesive is aggregate, which plays a role of support and reinforcement. If you look closely at the powder of tile adhesive, you will find that some powders are fine and some are rougher, which is related to the gradation of the added aggregates. Choosing cement with different functions and aggregates with different grades will affect the basic performance of tile adhesives.

Tile glue also includes many special additives, including HPMC (hypromellose), renewable disperse latex powder, calcium formate and wood fiber, etc. Additives are also key factors that determine the quality of tile glue. Although tile adhesives contain various additives, they are all safe and non-toxic, so you can use them with confidence. Hypromellose is a substance that can be used as a food additive; although dispersed latex powder is a chemical product, it is non-toxic and harmless, and is widely used in industry, and is one of the most widely used additive materials in construction engineering; Calcium formate and wood fiber are nothing to say, they are beneficial substances.

The composition of most tile adhesives is about these. The composition of tile adhesives is not harmful, and it is convenient and quick to use. You only need to add water in proportion to mix evenly. It saves time and effort, and the tiling effect is better. .
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